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Now, more than ever, employers have to know and act on the factors that make their company appealing to job candidates. Making it easy for prospects to choose them over their competition. The culture of an organization and the total rewards program are the differentiating factors when deciding where to work.

While most organizations can tell you what their compensation and benefits plans look like, if they were to take a closer look, they may find that their membership in an industry association is not getting the full credit it deserves. It falls under the category of employee-development, an incentive that carries a great deal of importance in the ability to get and keep talent.

Organizations belonging to industry associations have access to a plethora of employee-development programs. Programs that include face-to-face networking, education, training, certification, awareness of industry issues and more.

If you belong to an industry association,

1. Identify where participation in activities best serves the organization. 2. Include membership incentives in your indirect and non-financial compensation strategies. 3. Market, your involvement to prospective candidates, to gain a competitive advantage.

4. Evaluate and measure the impact that participation has on your business. Job seekers and employees alike value the opportunity for development. Remember to include association memberships in your compensation strategies.

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