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Want to Create a Culture That Reflects Your Business Philosophy? Hire the Right Managers

Don't think for a minute there's only one culture that exists in your organization today. Ask yourself what issues have occurred in the last week with employees and customers. Do you find yourself fixing problems that shouldn't be problems in the first place? Do you see behaviors inconsistent with the company vision and a lack of accountability?

Your corporate philosophy helps develop your culture so create the right conditions for a good one. And while there are many rules on what those conditions are, hiring the right managers tops the list.

Your managers have a direct impact on shaping your organizational culture. You hire them to lead people and get the job done so they must be good enough to carry out your vision. If they're not good enough, it doesn't matter what you're trying to do. You will lose people, and the job is left unfinished.

Many factors play a role in workplace culture. If your efforts ever seem futile, just remember, it does take time to grow a great company culture.

For best results, hire managers that share your vision. Passionate managers committed to creating a positive and constructive culture within their own teams.

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