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How and What to Feed Your Organization?

Recently I attended a conference where the information and ideas shared centered around company wellness, and it reminded me of a blog I read last month by Holly Branson that offered insight into Dan Buettner and his research of healthy lifestyles and making good choices. Just in case, Holly Branson is the daughter of Sir Richard Branson (I am a HUGE fan) and Dan Buettner is National Geographic writer and explorer and multiple New York Times bestselling author of The Blue Zones Solution.

I have to admit I did roll my eyes thinking this post would be just another opinion on dieting and exercise, but my curiosity won out and, in the end, found it meaningful and significant yet simple and basic at the same time.

Research tells us that ensuring a healthy lifestyle is contingent not only on what we eat but, the company that we keep. In other words, don't ignore or underestimate the power of those you closely associate with to be a significant factor in your well-being. Similarly, this is essential in business, and these same principles should be applied to promote a healthy workplace culture in our organizations.

Although the concept itself may seem complex, the values and behaviors that contribute to a healthy organization are pretty straight-forward. Like you, I've witnessed first-hand what happens when organizations evaluate their performance and make a commitment to practice healthy habits in all areas of business including their relationships with employees, customers, and community. They end up inspiring others in the work they do and get back what works to support well-being in the workplace.

No doubt there is an appetite we all seek to have satisfied, and it is important that we fill on a steady diet of positive influence. Positive, by the way, does not mean perfect.

It is incumbent on us all to demonstrate behaviors and make business decisions that create a culture of organizational well-being. In the end, what we feed our organizations and the company we keep are factors that link health and productivity to business performance.

Here's the link to Holly's January 14, 2016, blog,"It's not what you eat, it's who you eat with." Tips for success in both life and business.

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