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Changing What Is No Longer In Season

My favorite part of any holiday season is decorating, but I cannot say that I get much joy when it is time to take things down and put them away. On a rare occasion, I have considered (not seriously, of course) leaving things up until the holiday comes back around, but then it is an eyesore and bound to provoke my homeowner's association from calling an emergency meeting to create yet another rule. However, let's be honest, you cannot tell me that you have not enjoyed a laugh or two when you drive by a place and still see decorations leftover from past years. I figure it is because the person loved the holiday so much they want to relive magical moments indefinitely or, maybe, it is simply the lack of effort to make the change. I presume, most would favor the latter explanation.

On this particular morning, I am pulling out of the driveway and notice that I forgot to take the bat down that was still hanging in the tree leftover from Halloween. To not be as creepy as some other decorations, this bat sure has brought shrieks and thrills to trick-or-treaters of all ages over the years.

We’ve all experienced similar situations in business; we fall victim to forgetting to take down and put away what is no longer relevant. Things that worked for a time but are no longer useful in our new strategies. The reality is that to keep our businesses moving forward we must look ahead and face the next season. Organizations will always have change bearing down from all directions and a constant stream of information on best practices, future forecasts, and compliance mandates. It is vital that owners and workplace leaders take a look at the current season and make adjustments where necessary. By evaluating and making improvements to processes, programs, and people, you keep the business healthy and build a strong core.

For the bat still hanging in my tree, this means cutting him loose and getting ready for the next holiday season of Thanksgiving displays, wreaths and sportin' the Clark Griswold treatment. Another exciting time.

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