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Press Release - Monday, November 9, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Founder, Michele King, announces the formation of CoreHR Consulting, Inc., a unique professional services firm offering comprehensive human resource solutions to small and mid-sized businesses

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina - November 2015 - Michele King, owner and principal consultant, today announces the formation of CoreHR Consulting Inc., a professional services firm helping small and mid-sized businesses in comprehensive human resource solutions.

"I have learned in my years of experience across multiple human resource disciplines that the core of any organization is people and processes," Mrs. King said. "The core of something is its very heart, so whether you're talking about the values of an organization or the central meaning of a mission statement, an organization must have a strong core to survive. CoreHR is a creation with this in mind, to help businesses build a strong core and create lasting value."

Mrs. King has over 20 years of notable success driving organizational transformation and effectiveness across the public and private sector. A trusted advisor for senior leadership, she has led the development and execution of innovative human resource solutions that have driven significant transformation, change, and growth.

She is a creative thinker with expertise in innovative systems, products, and services for state and local government, small business and non-profits across a variety of industry sectors.

CoreHR Consulting offers customized and result-oriented solutions tailored to the unique needs and challenges of an organization and its people. Areas of expertise include business leadership & strategy, compensation & benefits, diversity, employee relations, ethics & corporate responsibility, organizational & employee development, safety & security, staffing management, and technology.

About CoreHR Consulting, Inc. At CoreHR, we believe that consulting is more than giving advice. We are sensitive to human relationships and processes and skilled at improving your organization's ability to solve future as well as present problems. We help businesses build a strong core by bringing an eclectic approach to human resource solutions that work. Regardless of where you are in the lifecycle of your business, CoreHR can help.

For more information contact CoreHR directly at,; or call 704-973-5651.

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