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Is Your Workplace a Street Fair Celebration?

I recently ran across some photos that a retired employee shared with me last year that she had taken on a tour of Facebook's corporate office while visiting her son in California. Although I was disappointed there were no pictures or stories to tell of the infamous nap pods as depicted in the 2013 American comedy film, The Internship, one photo, in particular, caught my attention, one that the employee described as a ‘street fair.'

Initially her explanation seemed odd, after all, a street fair is defined as something that celebrates the character of a neighborhood, where goods are sold and information conveyed. But wait, her explanation was an exact match to what was happening in the photo. Actively engaged employees everywhere! It came to mind; it would be great if more workplaces were described as a street fair.

Does your workplace celebrate the character of your company, where information and ideas are freely shared? Perhaps it's time that more workplace leaders begin fostering a culture of celebration.

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